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We have access to a number of International "Family-Office" Funds, Private Equity Funds, Private Debt Funds, Venture Capital Funds, Angel Investors and other sources of Funding for very high-quality business projects. 

Once a Project-Owner registers and signs with us, submitting to us the suitable APPLICATION documentation — an initial assessment is made about the merits and suitability of the Project and Project-Owner, based on the information available, as to whether we can help the party or not. 

If it is determined that we can proceed further, and we have the permission of the Project-Owner to do so — we will proceed to present the project to the fund-source we deem most suitable.  If that source does not want to fund the project, or want to do so on the terms of the Project-Owner, we may offer the project to any other fund-sources that we have in hand.  Once we get at least one, or more, fund-sources who are willing to dialog with the Project-owner, that's when we let the Project-owning party know about the Capital-Provider(s) that they will be intefacing with for the funding of their project. 

The Project-Owner should expect to have to travel (generally internationally) to meet members of the Capital-Provider's investment decision-making team face-to-face — and work directly with their Due Diligence staff — before final approval of funding, or the disbursements of any funds. 

As the project develops, the Project-Owner and the Capital-Provider get the opportunity to interface directly with each other.