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If you are a Project-Owner applying to us to raise capital for your industrial venture, then please read the instructions on this page carefully and follow them exactly:

  • Choose one of the following: 
  • Each Application Form (for each project) must be filled-in by the Project-Owner on record, and then emailed to us as an editable Word document.
    • Then another copy of the LAST PAGE of the same document should be printed out, and this hard copy should be SIGNED, DATED and STAMPED with the Seal of the company that owns the project.
    • Then this — (signed, dated & sealed copy of the) — Last Page of the document must be scanned, saved as a .PDF document, and thereafter emailed to us also (along with the editable Microsoft Word version of the same document).
    • If there are any other more extensive documents, e.g., IM (Information Memorandum), DPR (Detailed Project Report), any supplementary or supporting paperwork — please also email these to us.
    • Thereafter, the Project-Owner may contact us to discuss further. 


    Please send us an email if you wish to discuss an investment opportunity. Please ensure that you send us an Executive Summary which covers the following aspects:

    • Detailed write-up on the Promoters
    • Company background
    • Target market size and growth dynamics
    • Business strategy
    • Technological analysis and advantages
    • Competitive USP of the company
    • Environmental Impact of the Project
    • Social Consequences of the Project
    • Management team details
    • Pricing model and financial projections
    • Funding requirement and use of funds
    • Preliminary valuations expectation
    • Potential exit strategy

    Please note that we do not sign any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements with respect to any investment opportunities. At the initial stages, you should only include information that you deem to be non-confidential. By submitting information to us, you agree to the above terms and conditions.