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— Please note that we prefer Strong Promoters, with Projects that are in the later or final stages of Project Development, i.e., Projects in which most of the preparatory work is done already, and which are ready to take to the banks and present for Due Diligence:

    • Detailed information-gathering and vetting, all documentation-preparation are done, e.g.,
      • IM (Information Memrandum), including detailed Financial Projections over the suitable term, and/or
      • DPR (Detailed Project Report), along with all relevant supporting documentation.
    • Key Permits (up to and including the Building Permit/Baugenemigung) have been obtained, or are at an advanced stage.
      • Environment, Air-quality, and Flora and Wildlife -related approvals.
      • Water use permits.
      • Approval from the suitable Pollution Control authority having jurisdiction.
    • Crucial legal paperwork are completed, or are at an advanced stage, e.g.,
      • Land Acquisition (Purchase / Lease / Long-term Tenancy)
      • PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)
      • FSA (Fuel Supply Agreement)
    • Technical specifications are finalized, or are at an advanced stage, e.g.,
      • Technology selection
      • Selection of Turnkey Engineering or EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Contractor — ready, willing and able to provide Performance Guarantee
      • Selection of Key Equipment and Suppliers
      • Power Evacuation / Grid Connection (if applicable)
    • An up-to-date and audit-friendly record of incurred costs — that will need to be capitalized and count towards Promoters' Equity Contribution — has been maintained, including:
      • Expenditures incurred by the Promoters.
      • Current valuation of existing assets.
      • Current valuation of existing project-related intangibles/claims achieved (e.g., permits and licenses obtained).
      • Promoters' assessment of Sweat Equity, if any (based on a combination of legacy costs on the books, and a reasonable reality-checked valuation of the intangibles achieved).
    • Talks have started with Banks.
      • Detailed Financial Projections over the suitable term have been prepared and considered bankable.
      • Working Capital arrangements have been or are being negotiated.
    • In some cases, certain documents may need to be notarized or apostilled, or otherwise suitably legally or governmentally certified before processing by international investors. This matter must have been suitably addressed.
      • Please note that the onus of obtaining all Notarization/Apostilles/Certification is on the Project-Owner. Aarønsson will NOT be responsible for obtaining any Notarization/Apostilles/Certification at all.
    • Language and Translations issues have been solved.
      • All documentation must be in English.
      • If your documentation is in Russian, German, or any other language, you must have it translated into English (and appropriately certified) before we can receive it.
            It may be helpful if you can also provide translations in French and Arabic,
            but this is NOT necessary.
      • Please note that the onus of all translation is on the Project-Owner. Aarønsson will NOT be responsible for any translation at all.
    • Records/copies of all these above are READY to present for DD (DUE DILIGENCE) — to be executed by top-billed International Accounting Firm(s), Law Firm(s) and/or suitably specialized Technical Consultants experienced at executing Due Diligence exercizes on behalf of major international Private Equity Funds.
      • All this above documentation has been put together in an online 'Data-Room' to which secure (Password- / VPN- / IP Range-based) access can be granted, immediately and on demand, to us and the Due Diligence professionals.

— If your case is (more-or-less) in line with the above — please CLICK HERE to get to the APPLICATION page.