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Aarønsson Capital

Aarønsson is a boutique firm specializing in Internationally Funded PROJECT-FINANCING, focused primarily in India.
We also provide certain international agency in India, and in-country facilitation services for foreign principals.


  • We engage in the placement of Private EQUITY into companies and projects of different kinds.


  • We can also arrange DEBT — particularly for projects in which Equity is being, or has been, placed by us.


  • We consider funding for projects in all sectors.  We are and/or have been involved with FUNDEEs and Projects in sectors spanning:
    • Mining and Metallurgy
    • Factories to produce Industrial Goods
    • Factories to produce Consumer Goods
    • Hospitality sector -- Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants
    • Energy
    • IT & ITES (Information Technology and IT-Enabled Services)
    • Infrastructure
    • Agriculture, Food and Agro-industries
    • Construction
    • Retail
    • Distribution
    • Educational institutions
    • Financial institutions
    • ... and much more. 
  • GEOGRAPHIC MARKET: While we are India-focused — we consider investment in attractive projects all around the globe.
    • Our principals and team-members have processed, or are processing — projects in India, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Pakistan, Tajikstan, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Phillippines, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Turkey and throughout the Balkans/CEE (Central and Eastern Europe).


  • Our Clients are Entrepreneurs / Promoters / Project-Owners (or their decision-making, professional Top Executives) who seek cost-effective Funding for their projects.
    • NON-PROJECT-OWNERS — If you are an Industry Veteran, Consultant or middle-man with project/s which you (on behalf of the Project-Owner/s) wish to present to us for financing, please CONTACT Aarønsson directly first.