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Aar√łnsson Offshore

Door # 8 Fanio Compound,
M. L. Quezon Street, Maguikay,
Mandaue City, Cebu,
                         96A Club Street,

What We Do:

A boutique International Investment Consulting firm, we advise and facilitate Offshore Investment and Transnational Financial Asset Management

Our Clients:

Our clients tend to be VERY 'High-Net Worth' individuals or entities, from many different countries, generally business-owners. 

Note that we are not in a position to help every (potential) client who approaches us for our services, and as such -- we are very selective about which clients we accept.  New customers come to us by specific recommendation(s) from one or more of our trusted legacy client-partners, and vetted by others. 

By its very nature, our practice is confidentiality-centric and based on discretion.  Each client's information is kept strictly secret.  The information relating to (or even the existence of) any given client is never discussed with any other client or party [unless of course legally mandated by the duly constituted governmental authority(ies) having jurisdiction over the relevant offshore location(s) in which the client's assets have been deployed under our direction]

How Much Money:

The minimum ticket-size for an initial investment is typically (the equivalent of) USD 1 Million, and thereafter in multiples of USD 1 Million.  It can go up to USD 100 Million per account, per calendar year.
Currency exchange rates can change almost by the second, obviously.  For current, up-to-the-minute conversion rates to and from your currency, you may use http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/.


We focus on handling clients' funds and assets in (high-growth and safe) country-jurisdictions that meet and match the specific needs of each individual client. 

Some of the places on which we focus include:

Asia      Europe      Latin America      Africa

Philippines   Russia/CIS   Brasil   South Africa
Malaysia   Ukraine   Uruguay   Lesotho
China   Cyprus   Panama   Morocco
India   Austria   Costa Rica    
Thailand   Netherlands        

Risk Profile:

We are very conservative.  Whether it's our clients' monies or our own, we prefer to err on the side of caution.  And we will not be involved with investments or deals, or clients -- perceived to be high-risk (from any perspective).  


As mentioned before, we are very discreet.  Whether we do business together in the future or not -- information entrusted by you to us is always treated with the UTMOST CONFIDENTIALITY. 

The records provided to us by prospective clients with whom a business relationship does not result, and any information provided to us by clients which is not immediately needed by us -- are expunged (erased permanently) from our records.  This is done in such a way that even we ourselves cannot access it ever again from our records. 


Banks, Trusts, etc.:

For those clients who seek to invest their funds in the banking sector, or other very low-risk or fixed-income options -- we advise and assist, and can provide directions to safe vehicles for that purpose. 

Non-Banking Sector:

But for those clients who do not want to JUST keep their funds in the bank, but also to employ the funds to earn a higher return, while remaining safe -- we provide just that service.  We can help them invest their funds in a variety of safe but highly profitable vehicles. 

In-house (Captive) Investment Vehicles:

  • We have mines (nickel, chromite, manganese, iron ore, coal, etc.), and related operations, in multiple countries.
  • We also have Resorts, Real Estate and Real Estate Projects in certain highly attractive locations.
  • Further, we have companies engaged in the export and import of various minerals, commodities, and other products in various countries. 
  • Besides these, we have manufacturing companies and other solid, stable business establishments that are growing and healthy. 

As such, we generally have opportunities for offshore clients to invest in this above portfolio of activities, which gives the client a high degree of control and transactional transparency. 

Investment Vehicles At Arm's Length:

If a client does not want to engage in these (in-house) options, but rather wants to have their funds invested in some other, 3rd-Party investments from the market, we are equipped to facilitate that as well, in various countries. 

Next Step: 

If your client-profile matches that described above, and you want to engage our services -- please send us a detailed profile of yourselves (the prospective investors of record).  Please also send us a profile of the Financial Assets (monies) with regard to the investment of which you wish to engage us to advise, and also some idea about your ROI expectations.  This will let us know WHO we are dealing with, and better understand WHAT NEEDS you have. 

Click Here to send us this email -- we will use the information you provide us to conduct some initial research on you, to decide whether it would be in our mutual interests to move forward towards a business relationship.